Shaping Bonsai Plants and Trees for beginners

Most of the bonsai trees you see now are shaped into their existence. The open secret to that is a beautiful yet tricky technique called as wiring.

           Wiring is a crucial technique to shape bonsai trees in to their desired shapes. Using a specific wire we wrap the branches of our bonsai and direct their growth in a specific direction. This process is repeated several times until a desired final shape is achieved. Naturally, it is a time taking process because of slow plant growth and recursive characteristic of the technique, but the results achieved are undeniably brilliant.


When to wire a bonsai?

The best time to wire a bonsai is winter, more particularly at the end of winter for Indian variety of bonsai. The wires are to be left on the plants to settle for 60-90 days,although care has to be taken to prevent them from cutting into the bark of the plant. The wires are to be removed before this happens.


What materials to be used?

Using the right material which is neither hard nor soft on the plant is of great importance while wiring a bonsai. The best material for the job in our Indian market is soft aluminum wires. All our plants in our nursery are shaped using these wires. You can buy them online at our store and get them delivered to your home across India.

Then comes the size of the wire. The above mentioned soft aluminum wire comes in various sizes,so choosing the right one might be a confusing charade. Don’t worry about the size , any wire with thickness between 2 mm-5 mm works perfectly for majority of Indian varieties.


Can I wire my own bonsai?

Wiring is a complex technique to do, therefore it is suggested to learn it from any local bonsai master. We conduct on-demand wiring and advanced wiring classes in You, Me and Bonsai studio in Saket. Our Bonsai master Mr. Govind Raj,who is an award-winning and well respected member of the bonsai community for the past 35 years have put together a curriculum which covers the art of wiring from end to end. Once you are trained by us, you are well-equipped to wire any type of bonsai.

Well, that sums up shaping of your bonsai. The key takeaways of the technique is to time your wiring session around winter, use soft aluminum wires and get trained before performing this tricky technique.

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