10 awesome looking Bonsai Plants in our nursery!

 Bonsai is a beautiful art of creating aesthetic looking plants. We in You, Me and Bonsai have been a humble practitioners of this art from the past 30+ years.

Over the period of time we have curated many bonsai which grab your eye in a giffy. Here under I’ve compiled a list of 10 awesome looking bonsai plants in our nursery in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Jade Bonsai- Semi Cascade style!

2. Bougainvillea - Formal Upright Style

3. Multi Plant Bonsai - Rock Style

4. Ficus Retusa - Broom Style

5. Ficus Forest Style

6. Ficus Bonsai - Multi Branch style

7. Jade Bonsai in Coconut Pot - Semi Cascade style

8. Banyan Bonsai

9. Jade Bonsai- Multi branch style

10. Jade Bonsai - Formal Upright style


Hope you liked the list. There are a lot more where they came from. So visit our nursery at You, Me and Bonsai, Saket, Secunderabad.

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