Parenting done right!

A few days back a lovely couple with a cute kid visited our nursery searching for a bonsai. They insisted the age of the plant to be 4 years, on asking why, they said that their kid is 4 years old and it’s his birthday coming up soon. They wanted to gift him a plant and wanted to take care of it. They said and I quote ‘ While taking care of the bonsai my child will learn that responsibility and consistency are key to success and when he sees it grow he can feel himself grow too’. Those words made our day and we suggested them Jade – The good luck plant. The gleam in the kid’s eyes when he saw the bonsai was one I will cherish my entire life. I would say that this is parenting done right, teaching our kids to be responsible, respectful and patient is the way to bring change to this world. We bow to you sir and madam. May the kid be healthy and successful all the way and All the best for your #bonsaiJourney