Bonsai Classes


DATE: 22 Sep'19 | Location: You, Me and Bonsai, 20 , Saket, Kapra, Secunderabad

About our Workshops

You, Me and Bonsai has always envisioned to bring art close to the people of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. On this note we regularly conduct classes on Bonsai making , miniature gardening, Stone carving, Terrarium making, Kokedama making, Terrace farming and many more. Our classes are conducted by , our in-house specialists who have a combined experience of more than 50 years in dealing with these art form and have conducted more than 150+ sessions in total. Our sessions are scheduled on weekends, so that they are accessible to even the working class, who generally in our experience feel this as a recluse from their regular busy lives.

Ranging between 2-8 hours depending on the workshop , our sessions are detail oriented and masterfully crafted to cover all the aspects of the art form. We keep posting any updates regarding schedule of our sessions in our Facebook and Instagram pages, make sure you follow them. 


A lot of people who attend our workshops are kids, so we make a point to make sure that our workshops are kid-friendly and extra fun. We also encourage a lot of workshop attendee-parents to bring their children along, because the effect of learning these beautiful art forms at an early age is profound on many levels. 


We are planning to upload all our workshop/sessions , so that anyone can access our lectures on-demand from anywhere. We will be updating on this very soon in our Facebook Page. So stay in touch!

Here is a brief overview of what you can learn from our individual sessions.

 Art of Bonsai for beginners : Bonsai is a very popular and fascinating art which literally translates to ‘ planted in a container’. Our Bonsai are conducted by Mr. Govind Raj in You, Me and Bonsai, Nursery Saket, Secunderabad. He is an international award winning Bonsai master and is very popular in the bonsai world for his aesthetic designs. He has managed the Guinness World Record holding Kishkinda Moolika Bonsai Garden for the past 10+ years.

       Our workshop ‘Art of Bonsai for Beginners‘ is a 2-day session which is a perfect blend of theory about bonsai and hands-on work. You will be learning about the core-concepts in bonsai like plants suitable to make a bonsai, Bonsai nutrition, Potting, wiring/shaping a bonsai and many more. By the end of the 2-day session you will be able to create your own bonsai from scratch. All the materials will be provided by us and you can actually choose your accessories from a wide range of collection available in our nursery. The cost for our 2-day session is Rs.3500. This is excluding the material costs. Feel free to bring your own material or your plant and we will teach you to make it into an awesome looking bonsai tree. So, why late, Enroll for our next session!

Miniature Gardening Workshop : 

How cool is to create something like this, on your own? We are gonna teach you how to do it. This art popularly known as Miniature Gardening is a testament to the statement ‘Beautiful things come in small packages!’. Miniature gardens are made of slow growing plants and variety mixture of random accessories. Your imagination is not the limit with our workshop, we teach you to expand your horizon. Mrs.Fatema Khuzema of Earth & Art is a specialist in creating this beautiful artifacts. In the 4- hour session we teach you to achieve your dream design from scratch. The cost of our workshop is Rs. 2000 (inclusive of materials). Feel free to bring your own material or your plant and we will teach you to make it into a awesome Miniature Garden. Enroll for our next session in here.