A Sweet Story

On a quiet Thursday evening, I received a call from one of the most soothing voices introducing herself as Sree Divya and enquiring whether we could provide her 25 gift plants for an event with a budget around Rs.100. I was personally excited about the prospect of our first bulk order and I called up our partner and specialist Mrs. Fatema Khuzema from Earth & Art to provide me with some samples. Our specialist being her awesome self came up with a design which Divya loved and has requested to be ready by Saturday. Me being my inquisitive self generally asked her about the event for which these gift plants were meant for, She explained that it is a 5K run to create awareness to people about Diabetes and especially Type-1 Diabetes which is organized by Sweet Souls. Sweet Souls is a support group for families with Type 1 diabetes. they understand the various challenges associated with the condition…… the trauma of a newly diagnosed family, issues with day to day management, diet, questions related to Insulin delivery method, BG monitoring methods, costs involved and the frustration and pain of roller-coaster blood sugars and actively help each other in a number of ways to overcome it. Sree Divya herself is a type1 diabetic who has and is still fighting every day to lead a healthy and normal life. Not only that, she is a graduate from one of the most reputed colleges, a scholar, a working IT Professional and above all one of the best human beings I’ve met in my entire life. She not only continues to fight with her perennial and stubborn disease but also strives really hard to create awareness about it, all this with a beautiful smile on her face. If this isn’t motivation for anyone.I don’t know what is. We here in You, Me and Bonsai feel really proud to associate and cater to great inspiring people like Divya and an organization like sweet souls. Nothing but pure #love and #respect from the bottom of our hearts.

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