Are Bonsai plants Indoor?

Most trees are to be placed outdoors where they are exposed to all seasons, which help them grow, Bonsai trees are not any different. More importantly, Indian bonsai are not indoor.

Why can’t I keep my bonsai outside?

Most common Indian bonsai varieties like ficus bonsai, jade bonsai, premna bonsai, etc require sunlight for them to stay alive and grow. So keeping your bonsai plant/ tree away from sunlight is not going to do good for anyone. A lot of plants and bonsai suppliers in the market are creating a misconception that ‘Bonsai can be placed indoor’, it’s not true. If a person is selling you a bonsai and tells you it is an Indoor Bonsai, there is a very good chance that you are being conned. If you are interested in buying bonsai, check out our online bonsai store or visit our store at You, Me and Bonsai, Saket , Secunderbad.

Is there any way I can still keep my plants Indoor?

All that said above is absolutely true, although some extra care can be taken to ensure the survival and thriving of an ‘Indoor Bonsai plant’. The extra care I mentioned goes in maintaining the outdoor environment for the plant which is placed indoors. Here are 3 important factors and tips to manipulate them grow your bonsai tree indoors.

  • Light: 

    Sunlight plays a major role in plant metabolism and survival. Placing your bonsai near a window or in a balcony where you are getting ample sunlight is vital. Make sure that the window is facing the east or west direction so that there is a direct line of exposure to sunlight. Keeping your bonsai near a south-facing window definitely won’t help the cause. If by any chance you cannot place your bonsai in a balcony or by the window, then the alternative is rotation. The plant can be kept inside your house but has to be constantly rotated to an outdoor place so that it catches at least 3-4 hours of good sunlight. This method has helped a lot of our customers, but you are still advised to monitor the bonsai tree constantly.

  • Humidity: 

    Generally, bonsai tend to thrive where there is a higher level of humidity in the air. But in places like Hyderabad and Secunderabad where there the air is crisp and has almost no humidity, it can be a huge problem. If you can regenerate an artificial environment to create the required level of moistness in the air, it will definitely help. Here below is a video about how you can do it.

  • Watering:

    The famous and easiest litmus test we suggest all our customers in regards to water a bonsai is to check the soil. If the soil is moist and Tandy, you don’t need to water the bonsai plant. But if it is crisp and dry need to do it. For a comprehensive understanding of how to water a bonsai, read this article.

These instructions if closely followed can help you keep your bonsai tree indoors. But we still recommend you to keep your bonsai outdoors as much as possible

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