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You, Me and Bonsai is a nature based e-commerce startup established in March of 2018.  We emphasize on bringing unique plant products close to everyone. All our products are niche in themselves and have a unique flashy factor.

India has always been a agri-nature based country and  plants have been a part of our life one way or another.  The urbanisation we’ve seen lately has forced us to switch gears and move to apartments and small homes. The idea of having a beautiful garden in their homes has become a distant dream to a lot of people. We aspire to help you fulfill this dream. Our product collection ranges from small desk plants to Beautiful moss ball hangings to Aesthetically stunning Bonsai plants which are designed to cater to the urban community to their heart’s content.

Why should you buy the products from You, Me and Bonsai? Because we blow out our competition out of proportion in all aspects. We are almost 35% cheaper  than our next best competition and among the best in creativity in any index.

You,Me and Bonsai was created on an idea to bring lesser known plant arts to everyday customers. We strive to highlight the artists who put in their sweat to mould the nature’s beauties to their epitome of perfection. In the near future we aspire to collaborate with many more artists and bring more unique and beautiful products to our customers across India.

Our Team

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Govind Raj

Bonsai Master

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franchise partner (bangalore)