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Bonsai for Beginners

Are you struggling to keep your Bonsai plants alive? Or maybe you’re just getting started with Bonsai? It can be hard to know where to start!

In our 2-day Bonsai for Beginners workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about bonsai. This paired with our DIY session , we will train you to make your own bonsai. 

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Who are we?

You, Me and Bonsai is a exclusive Bonsai nurseries  in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Our nurseries are home to beautiful bonsai’s and Planters of all varieties. We have all kinds of bonsai available for very cheap prices. We also deliver your chosen plant to your doorstep.

Our Nurseries


90/91, 20, 3rd Phase,  Kapra, Secunderabad


No.2859, 3rd main, 17th cross, Banashankari, 2nd stage, Bangalore 560082


We conduct Beginner and Advanced Bonsai Classes regularly in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.




Over 300+ Bonsai available for sale. Prices start from Rs 600

Top Reasons to buy plants from us

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We are the best and an Exclusive Bonsai Nursery in Hyderabad. Our collections include a variety of Indian and Foreign Bonsai trees. We have an amazing selection of bonsai in training and several which are show-ready. 


We pride ourselves in being a top notch bonsai supplier. Basic Integrity, Top-notch Service , Guidance and Absolute Professionalism are the corner stones of our nursery.

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Our Bonsai-master, ‘Mr. Govind Raj’ is an internationally acclaimed Bonsai Artist. His creations are showcased in many prominent placed like the Guinness World Record holding ‘ Kishkinda Moolika Bonsai Garden’, which is the largest Bonsai Display in the world. His collections are not only  showcased in there but also he curated and maintained the Bonsai Garden for the past 10 years. 




A Bonsai is not just a tree, it is a true companion for your life. Every Bonsai has its own spirit, and its own drive to grow in certain ways, but it’s always willing to work with its owner to achieve the best effect. Most easy-to-grow species of Bonsai are quite hardy, and able to adapt themselves to fit your home. A little sun, a little water, and the occasional bit of fertilizer is all that’s needed to keep one happy and healthy. In return, your Bonsai will grow and bloom for you over and over, continually adding life and beauty to your home.

The art of creating a lovely garden in a glass bowl with beautiful little accessories is what we call terrarium. Made mostly with succulents these require minimal care and can be placed easily on any surface as it doesn’t have a drain.

Water is only supposed to be sprayed on soil once in 3-4 days. A conversation starter,it is sure to add class to the area where it is placed.

The Japanese art of tying up the roots of a plant in a moss ball popularly known as kokedama. They do not require any planters and can be used as a wall hanging  . Kokedama’s are also called string garden for the same reason,it is for those plant lovers who run short of space . Very low priced organic decorative items suitable for all households,

With the watering being as simple as just immersing in water for a couple of minutes, it’s one of the most easiest to maintain and perfect for a beginner .

Succulents are the best house plants a person can ask , they are unbelievably low-maintenance and are drought-proof, which is a match made in heaven. If you’re a busy bee who’s always running out of time, a jet-setter who rarely stays at home, or if you simply can’t be trusted to feed and take care of another living thing but still want something beautiful to look when you are stressed, this is the right choice for you . 

Have you ever fantasized being in your own garden? Has lack of time and space always pulled you back?

Then what can be a better answer to your fantasies than a miniature garden where you get your own mini landscaped garden decorated with lovely little accessories. Perfect to be placed in any corner of the smallest apartment or office requiring minimal care,the only thing it gives out is the feeling of pure bliss. Not to mention they make a great gifting options for Anniversaries, birthday’s, House warming and many more.

Bonsai Gyan

Below you’ll find our best resources to help you grow gorgeous Bonsai plants.

Growing Bonsai plants doesn’t have to be hard!

I’m here to help simplify and make your Bonsai experience relaxing and stress-free!

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